Playable Maps

Temple: Temple is a close quarters map that grants players the ability to pop in and out of sight at a moments notice.

DM-Sky: Sky is an indoor outdoor map set on a flying sky island. Complete with man made and natural structures. Sniper posts well balanced with good cover and even a few surprises.

DM-Crash Site: Crash Site is a small 2-6 player map made with lighting budget in mind. Using only 3 major light sources (5 scene lights total).

Maps in Progress

War-Helix: Helix is a vertical, indoor, outdoor, space, and vehicular map. That’s right. All that wrapped up inside the warfare game play style all for your enjoyment. The map is near completion and playable without bots.

CTF-CPXL: CPXL Is a map I made for my internship, it has no game play elements and minimal lighting. The purpose of the map is to provide a template for students to light although eventually ill make a playable version. One half the map is day. The other… Night.

DM-Barton: Barton is a Large Death Match map. It contains many explorable buildings built on a multi-theme city block. Tanks are hidden away for players to take advantage of in the open.

DM-Blue Box: Blue Box is another map designed exclusively for my internship. This map was designed using only basic geometry and students are to use that layout as a template to decorate and theme. This Version is my example for the teachers to use in their demonstration of the assignment.

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