Temple is a map I made in the Unreal 3 ED for Unreal 3 Death Match multiplayer. The map is divided into five floors each discreetly color coded so that players can easily find their way around the map. Each floor is themed and colored as such…

The level is suggested for 4-10 players. In the video footage there are 8.

Basement: Blue Green. It contains a connecting hall two staircases and one major chamber containing health.

Basement Galler (click to zoom)

UT3 2009-03-20 16-54-27-20


First Floor: Red. This Floor contains the majority of the floor space including three major areas of interest that reach up into the yellow floor. The main hall contains an elevator and two walkways and serves as the center of attention in the map. The dragon shrine which contains powerful weapons and damage bonus. The Lion shrine which contains stealth and health elements. There are a few hidden holes in the floor and staircases to leave both up and down. There are also several walkways, balconies and holes in the ceiling as well. Lastly there are several back halls the player(s) may use to traverse the map without having to encounter combat in the center.

First Floor Gallery (click to zoom)

UT3 2009-03-20 16-57-34-29 UT3 2009-03-20 17-01-20-33 UT3 2009-03-20 17-01-44-89 UT3 2009-03-20 17-02-31-26 UT3 2009-03-20 17-00-28-08 UT3 2009-03-20 17-01-00-88


The Upper Balcony: Yellow, this area provides balcony space above both shrines and the center room. The balcony area has a garden area of its own and provides an elevator and staircases up and down.

Balcony Gallery (click to zoom)

UT3 2009-03-20 17-03-58-99 UT3 2009-03-20 17-03-23-21 UT3 2009-03-20 17-03-01-26


The storage/Bell Tower area: Off White this is the 4th floor in the level, with scattered scenery and bells hanging down from the rafters, it’s a bit of a maze however, instead of being walled in the shapely figure of much of the scenery allows them to see around even if they can’t walk straight where they want to go. The bells stop weapon fire however, players may pass though them in order to drop though to floors below.

Storage Gallery. (click to zoom)

UT3 2009-03-20 17-05-52-45 UT3 2009-03-20 17-06-28-15


Attic: Brown. Here players will find some of the better power-ups and health all bundled into one area. The reason for this is the nature of the level having holes in the floor and being so tall players will have a tendency to filter to the bottom. Having a concentration of goods on the top layer will encourage people to head upward and assist in a even distribution of players across the level. While there certainly is not enough up here to be considered a game breaker it would be worth any players time to make the trip.

Attic Gallery (click to zoom)

UT3 2009-03-20 17-07-49-12 UT3 2009-03-20 17-08-09-00

Here we can check out a cutaway of the level and look at what we are actually seeing from a gameplay/design perspective.


Basement Cutaway and Guide.

Basement Guide Basement Clean

First Floor Cutaway and Guide.

Main Floor Guide Main Floor Clean

Second Floor Cutaway and Guide.

Upper Floor Guide Upper Floor Clean

Third Floor Cutaway and Guide.

Storage Guide Storage Clean

Attic Cutaway and Guide.

Attic Guide Attic Clean


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