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ALERT: As of 3/7/2015 The game is no longer available on Steam and the website is DOWN. The links to the game will be broken for the time being however I am working on a solution.

NEWS UPDATE: With the game no longer available I will at some point in the coming week(s) Post a full lets play as I do have a working copy still!



Second Chance Heroes is a action packed dungeon crawler. In my 3 years at Rocket City Studios I was given a wonderful opportunity as Lead Level Designer to use my skills to help create a game worthy of 84% on Metacritic and was Top 10 Metacritic iOS for the month of February 2014. That’s not all, aside from the accolades the game as a whole received, a few reviewers had their own comments to add about things I was directly responsible for…

“Fine-tuned gameplay and level designs.”
“There is way more to be learned here in level design and addicting gameplay.” -Read full review


“Plenty of variety in monster, character, and level designs” -Read full review



During my time at Rocket City Studios I also got great experience working with the lead designers on the project. Early on the project I was able to demonstrate a taste for design and as we formed a closer relationship they began to utilize my spare time to aid in the development of game mechanics, character designs, and even entire systems such as relics and power-ups. Among my creations that made it into the final version of the game were “The Amazing Head” a magician zombie who pulls his head out of his hat rather than a rabbit to throw at you. “Leonardo da Vinci” When introduced they originally designed him as a more pedestrian version of real life da Vinci. I however put together a pitch for a redesign…

Leonardo da Vinci… In a wooden power-suit!



Feel free to hop on over to my Youtube channel and check out my behind the scenes video series on Second Chance Heroes.

In addition to Game Design and Level Design I also aided in the technical development of modular level building systems, level building tools, and the development of our in house visual scripting engine.

Behind the Scenes: Mall

Behind the Scenes: Hobo

Behind the Scenes: Bunker

Behind the Scenes: Lost Levels

(Starting with a quick look at the editor)


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