This level was made as part of an art test for Rocket City Studios, It contains extensive scripting to add new elements to existing bosses. It auto balances, but plays best at lower levels.

Scripting Breakdown
0:22 There is a lever to open the door across the bridge. Once pulled it spawns a wave of skeletons.
0:53 A volume is used to spawn the lich boss and turn on spawners for additional skeletons, once the boss is killed more skeletons spawn on the upper layers that will jump over the railing and flood the room where the player is.

2:05 A volume is used to exclude normal monsters and instead spawn slimes.

3:24 The door out of the room is locked, a boss is spawned with 2 floating sward monsters to aid him, If the swards are killed they simply respawn until the boss is killed. Then they despawn for the rest of the level. Once the boss is killed the room becomes unlocked on both sides.

4:33-6:00 In this segment there are 2 locked rooms. Each room is locked with a lever hidden in the level. One room spawns slimes instead of normal mobs, the other spawns zombies.

6:45 A fake chest kicks off a gauntlet event where the player is locked in a large area and has to survive 3 waves of slime and a 4th wave which includes many fire whisps and a boss with a custom scripted spawn sequence where the ground erupts in fire complete with sound and particle effects. Once killed the room is unlocked.

8:17 Once the steps are passes the room below spawns a large wave of skeletons, you may notice that it is also the same room the lich was killed in, suggesting that the undead may be harder to stop than originally expected.

9:20 This kicks off the final boss event, once the steps have been descended the door is locked and elementals begin to spawn, they will multiply if killed so the player must focus on the boss. Once he is dead all doors are unlocked.

In addition to these events there is also a reset event that will reset doors and boss encounters if they player dies or re-enters the dungeon from the start preventing an accidental lockout.

Download it here.

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