TrackMania Stadium²

Trackmania is one of my long term hobbies. Not only am I am map maker, I run my own server. Not only that but my server is among the top servers in Stadium² with about 13,000 unique visitors since Nov2013 Here are some of the top rated, and requested maps from my server chosen not my me, but by the hundreds of votes that put them in the top of my server’s rating list. The server runs 41 maps all custom made by me.

The server is called “Nav’s Custom Maps” and the maps can be found at Mania Exchange.

Double Feature Part 1

This first map is called “Double Feature Part 1″ It is a map where 2 race tracks are built in 1 stadium space. While the second track only serves as decoration a second version (part2) of this map exists where players get to play the second map and the first serves as decoration. Both maps are among the top 5 most positively rated maps on the server but Part 1 takes top spot.

Dark World

The next map I would like to show takes second in the highest rating list “Dark World”. This map uses negative space to guide the players in a dark and narrow environment that is made interesting by whats not there and the transformations of the space around the player. Im glad this made it into the top maps since it is also an excellent map for me to demonstrate my level design skills since this kind of design is more rare and more difficult to accomplish.

Field Day

The third map is the all time most consistently well liked and regularly requested. It is a simple but colorful map “Field Day”. This map also holds the server record for the longest time as the most popular map (4 years!)

Rave Machine

Finally Rave Machine is the top REQUESTED map on the server, viewed as somewhat of an “Ultimate Challenge” this map brings out the most competitive spirit in players.

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