This level was made with resources in mind it only uses three sources of light (two of which are emitting two colors at once) making it only five lights for the entire level! (not counting pickup lights automatically added to unreal pickup items)

Here are some shots of the courtyard where a ship has crashed into two buildings and caused minor damage to a third. One of the things that was a focus of the design was mixing organic destruction with inorganic buildings. From left to Right Building one two and three. The fourth building is off screen. Light01

This is a shot of the internal structure of building four. Building four is a utility building featuring some machinery and tress work. It makes a good hiding spot for snipers. Light02

Here we are in building two This shot is from the second story and is angled to show the static shadow detail. This effect was achieved by embedding BSP material inside of the mesh’s. Light04

Here is an internal of building two where there is still walkway intact. Light03

Finally here is a shot of the entry way into building one. Light05

Here is a small gallery of images that should give a better overall view. Light01Light02Light03Light05Light04     

Below is a cutaway segment so you can see into the level design aspects of the level.



Main Floor Cutaway and guide.

Light Main GuideLight Main Clean

2nd Floor Cutaway and guide.

Light 2nd Floor Guide Light 2nd Floor Clean

3rd Floor Cutaway and guide.

Light 3rd Floor Guide Light 3rd Floor Clean

4th Floor Cutaway and guide.

Light 4th Floor Guide Light 4th Floor Clean

Download: DM-Crash

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