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Helix is my largest project by far and is nearing completion now. The concept is to take a warfare map and go vertical! Allowing players to battle it out over a massive double helix.
Here is an early concept drawing of the level depicting red and blue access areas and purple for mutual conflict areas. The green circles depict control nodes. The brown star (bottom center) is a trigger.

Here’s how it all works. Players will make their way up to the first node then continue up to the second mutual node. This will be their first opportunity to drive vehicles across and start down to invade the opponent’s base. However, they will be able to continue up and take the top node for a bonus leviathan vehicle! This is where the brown star comes into play. As a counter balance to the top layer, players can opt to sacrifice them selvs in the core of the level to cause massive explosions on the top layer wiping it clean. So, once a team controls the top they must also secure the bottom if they want to be safe from bombardment.

Innner Control Sections


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