Art of War

Art of War is a theoretical game for Wacom Tablets/Nintendo DS. The challenge is to develop an effective control method for touch devices in a RTS environment as well as to design a game that takes full advantage of the touch capabilities. In this game players actually draw their units using basic shapes. For example 2 circles is a motorcycle where a box and 2 circles are a tank.

In this first picture we see an example of a unit in build. It is a tank. Once the player is done they can either touch the touch screen on the end button or press one of the other buttons assigned to end. On the top screen is the battle field.

In this next image the player will be prompted to pick a “Group” to put the unit into. They can create new groups at any time or merge groups by dragging them together (this will cause the units in those groups to waypoint together and attack anything in their path to unity. Lets assume the player drops the tank into group 1.

Now the battle field is shown in both screens. The player will be able to select a box (the current box is shown in the upper left hand corner). The unit groups will be labeled so they know where to send them. As you can see our new tank has spawned and begun traveling towards the group that we put him into.

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